The Benefit of Security Cameras For Your Business

Surveillance or security cameras can do more than observe your business, they can protect your business, the people working for it and visiting it, and the businesses of those around you. Depending on which surveillance system you choose, not only can it deter potential threats, but it can also provide you with extra time to contact the authorities should something happen, among many other benefits. Once you understand how they work, choosing a security camera system can save your business, and possibly the lives of others.

Why Use Surveillance Cameras?
The most pertinent reason to provide your business with a video surveillance system is to add extra, and very proficient security. A security camera system will provide 24/7 surveillance and log of your business and the surrounding environment. This means your cameras can deter potential thieves and break-ins, or at least aid in catching any perpetrators that have threatened your business. Any feedback the cameras receive you can access, which will aid the authorities if it comes to that.
You will be able to monitor who is entering and exiting your business at all times. Security cameras can also monitor safety conditions in and around the work environment, which means if any threat comes to your staff members or customers you’ll know and can help aid in stopping any harmful activities.

How They Work
A surveillance system will consist of one or multiple cameras placed throughout your business, typically in “zones” such as front and back doors, hallways, cash registers, or viewing the front (outside) of your business. Generally the most populated or unobserved zones would be ideal, or whichever zones you believe need the added security. These cameras are all connected to a digital video recorder – or DVR – that records the environment and displays the images on monitors. These monitors can be one or multiple televisions, computers, tablets, smartphones, or any device where one can receive videos and images. These monitoring devices can be in one central location, on mobile devices you can carry with you at all times, or both. This data can be seen live, or you can playback different recorded moments in time. These devices can all be hooked up wirelessly, or have wired connections. It all depends on the type of security you want, and which cameras you choose.

Choosing your Surveillance System
There are many things to consider when choosing your security surveillance system, and it all depends on your business and what you need from the cameras. Such things to consider are:
● The size and layout of the business property
● The safety level of the neighborhood the business resides in
● The business’ budget
● Whether you need indoor or outdoor surveillance (or both)
● The recording capabilities of the camera, such as video storage
● The desired resolution or HD quality
● Whether you want to be able to hear through the cameras or speak through them with
the assistance of microphones and speakers
● Whether you want to receive remote alerts on your mobile devices
● Whether you need your cameras to be wired or wireless
● Whether you need your cameras to be connected to the internet
● And various other preferences such as night vision, style, color, weather proofing,
viewing angles, and whether or not you wish the cameras to be hidden.

We at My T Group recommend you consider wireless, IP cameras to start with, and we’ve got different recommendations depending on the size of your business.

Why We Recommend IP Cameras
An IP camera, or Internet Protocol camera, is a digital surveillance camera that sends and receives data through the internet, or an area network. This means you can view, receive, and send the data your security cameras capture from any device connected to the internet, at any location with internet access.
Other benefits include less or no cabling (wired) requirements, users can adjust the settings of the cameras more easily, and the video is much more high quality. Plus, there’s no need for a separate DVR as there is already one built in!

Having a 24/7 surveillance system through the use of security cameras ensures that your
business has an extra layer of protection at all times, and an extra set of eyes everywhere you please. You would be surprised what different business owners have been able to prevent, or have caught on video that has helped save businesses (even outside of their own) and aided in people’s lives.
To see My T Group’s recommendations on IP cameras and brands, check out our website at

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