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Thermal Motion Detection

Thermal motion detection helps reduce false recordings by triggering only when a vehicle or person moves.

Two-Way Audio

Have the ability to speak through the camera and warn trespassers to leave. Also, hear what is happening at the property.

Static Object Detection

Draw a line around the object you wish to monitor, if it moves you will receive a notification and recording.

Sirens & Flood Lights

Activate a siren or flood light when intruders are in the wrong areas. This let's them know you are watching.

Commercial Security Systems

There are a few major network devices which are extremely important for any business in modern times. Those devices typically revolve around security or communication. The use of network devices such as IP cameras or IP phones has become the normal path due to cost savings and flexibility.

IP cameras basically mean that you do not have to use multiple wires to connect them and they are assigned IP address over the network on which they can be found. This makes the device itself very easy to access or troubleshoot remotely. These types of cameras allow businesses to choose any type of recorder or service that they select. This type of technology has many variations and manufacturers to choose from.

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