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Across the United States there are many different internet service providers, of which 3 major carriers tend to dominate the industry for business internet connections. All of the major ISP's come with advantages and disadvantages. Some of which you have already experienced in your lifetime working with these providers. Of those major internet providers around the U.S., Verizon, AT&T or Time Warner / Spectrum are the most common carriers you will run into. We will review some of the speeds, advantages and disadvantages we have experienced with each internet service in my area.

AT&T Business Internet
At&T Business Internet Review
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We are an IT support company so we have worked with every provider you can imagine in DFW. Personally, we feel the Dallas area is a good representation of what you will experience in other parts of the country. We have installed telecom around the United States in every state possible but we must say that DFW is king when it comes to telecom and business class internet. Mainly because it is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas which is even expected to surpass other metropolitan areas over the next 20+ years in size and population. Possibly making it the 3rd largest metropolitan area in the U.S..

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EllumNet Business Internet
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Spectrum Business Internet
Charter Business Internet/Spectrum Business Internet Review
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Most areas fall under 1 of the 3 major carriers we just spoke of. Although, newer options have emerged in the last decade which most people have not heard of. Some of these options range from DFW ISP options such as broadband provided by data centers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area or even point to point / line of sight internet. Our team has had the chance to work with all of the above options in the last 2 decades. We will also give some reviews on which services we like the most and are the easiest to work with.

Verizon Business Internet
Verizon Business Internet
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There are endless possibilities for internet delivery at your office these days. If a direct fiber company isn't available in your area, we specialize in fixed wireless internet. Did you know that in DFW, a majority of high rise buildings are transmitting internet between each other? Sometimes miles and miles apart. Line of site internet or even 4G LTE internet can be used instead. We know most of the carriers across the country and can quote fixed wireless to your facility, no matter where your business is. Try giving us a call to find out more about getting internet in my business.

In order to make that happen, the network infrastructure and services in place must be able to expand at that rate (and have quite nicely for the last 20 years). This area has always had solid networks and most of the countries internet passes through here due to the massive infrastructure AT&T put in place over the last 100 or so years. There is no doubt that AT&T is the big kid on the block in Dallas. That comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Either way, we are here to discuss them all and given our experience in one of the telecom hubs of the world, we feel our opinion is an extremely accurate and valid one. So let's hop to it!

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Reviews of Business Internet
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Time Warner/Spectrum Review

Spectrum Internet Review

Spectrum has been in the Dallas area for a couple decades now. Well, we mean Comcast, then Time Warner and now Spectrum. We are not quite sure why so many name changes were needed but we are sure a quick Google search will give all the answers one would need. We do know that they have always boasted high speeds which in a majority of cases has been accurate.  This type of internet service over coax can be spotty sometimes though. More information on the internet can be found on this topic but in layman's terms, cable internet fluctuates up and down in speeds depending on how many people in that area are on that circuit

Also how much they are doing at that moment can affect it. You can get solid speeds in the day and much slower speeds at night potentially (or reverse). With this provider being typically the most cost effective option many of us in Dallas have experienced this at our homes at night. When Spectrum is running fast, wow is it running fast. They have a huge bang for the buck when it comes to speed vs. price. You can experience moments of really great quality of service and then other moments can come to a less than fun time on the web. This provider has grown so quickly over the last decade that it seems they have infrastructure growth issues that could need some attention.

Their customer service is generally decent. They have seemed to improve on customer service dramatically in the last 5 years and most problems are met with a technician pretty quickly.

Overall ISP Review

Spectrum is a very modern ISP with blazing fast speeds. They probably have the best bundles and pricing structure in the industry. Service quality depends on the area you are in due to fluctuations with areas that have high traffic. Overall, they are a good solution for small businesses looking to take their company online at a great price.

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EllumNet Internet Review

EllumNet Internet Review

Well we are just going to come out of the gate straight swinging. This Dallas area internet provider EllumNet has proven time and time again to be the most reliable, supportive and fastest speeds provided in DFW for us. We faced a major problem ourselves at one of our offices in the Deep Ellum area which is a stones throw from Downtown Dallas. We had signed up for Comcast (at the time) and got an internet connection for our multimedia facility. We were paying $250 a month for a 15Mb download and 5Mb upload connection. Every single day around noon, our internet would go out. We would call the ISP and they would say there are no known issues in the area. We would troubleshoot it every time to find the service was interrupted. They would send a tech, he would find nothing and would leave each time. This went on for years. The AT&T hub was right across the street but didn't provide service in that part of downtown. We replaced our networks, cabling and everything but it always ended up being the service was down for a couple hours a day. Once this same thing started happening at my house once a week and also to some of our clients on a regular basis, we decided to look for a new provider.

We found that local area data centers in our area were now providing small business internet and decided to give the guys at EllumNet a call. They surveyed our property that same day and started pulling fiber across the poles down the street to our building within a few more days. They dropped in their basic slower service which took our bill down a bit and took our speeds up to 100Mb upload and 100Mb download SOLID. Every single day for the last 3 years, we have never had a single outage. Our speeds do not EVER fluctuate. We have a solid 100Mb all the time. Our ping to New York and L.A. is 1ms all the time. I've never even heard of a 1ms ping time anywhere. I have ran speed test for hundreds of clients all over DFW for decades and have never seen a ping response to N.Y.C or L.A be under 8ms on all local internet providers. Our facility went next level once we got our lightning fast internet installed. We were able to start live streaming, hosting web servers and much more due to the 100% uptime we were experiencing with zero loss of speed. On the 10Mb service we had from T.W. we couldn't even download files at the same time or stream multiple video cameras we have across the city at offices.

Due to the expansion EllumNet has reached into over the last several years, they now provide service in over 90% of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. They did this by teaming up with over 50 other local data centers that saw a gap in the industry. These data centers saw the poor service and speeds being provided in this region even when it was a telecom hub. They chose to do something about it and provide speeds in excess of 1000Mb for pricing that the major carriers would run for the hills over. I have seen some of the pricing for the gigabit internet connections and they are extremely affordable for those types of speeds. We chose this style, type of service and carrier as our number 1 choice in Dallas for internet providers due to it's reliability and support model.

We are an authorized dealer for EllumNet . We can come out and look at your location today and see if it qualifies for their service.

Overall ISP Review

Even if you don't choose this particular provider, we highly recommend you go with this model of ISP service because it's more down to earth human beings you will be working with that truly understand the problems with ISP service and are willing to work with you to achieve your goals. Go try to have a major carrier help you achieve your network goals much less even pick up the phone and truly care. The only people who take the time to listen at the major carriers is the sales people. We can speak from experience that working with a local data center for services is a more personal experience and much more reliable. At least there is someone to ask that will know about your local area problems, not just what's going on 1000 miles away. Although, We do recommend you give these guys a shot because they are everywhere in this area and can get your networks activated now!

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Verizon Business Internet Review

Verizon Business Internet Review

Coming in at a strong second position on our site, we do like Verizon and their service very much. Since they came to Dallas, they have always had extremely fast speeds with a very solid and reliable connection. We don't know too many users that we have ever seen having issues with Verizon's service. They have some fairly competitive pricing, they probably have never been the cheapest service out there for anything they provide. We would give their support an 8 out of 10 in ranking just because nobody is perfect and they can be a tad slow with requests just because of the size of the company.

Overall ISP Review

Overall, this is a very good option of internet providers in Dallas or beyond. The one major problem you will run into with Verizon is that they are not everywhere or even close. Most of DFW does not have their service available and that runs true for many other parts of the country. Fios or Verizon Business Internet is restricted to as far as they have fiber pulled to. We have never understood why they haven't invested more in expanding in this market but in most of this region, you will find AT&T or Spectrum/Time Warner at your door, not Verizon. If you do have the option and using local data centers as an ISP is not the path for you, then we say going with Verizon may be beneficial for you.

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At&T Internet Review

At&T Internet Review

How could anyone have internet at all in this area or most other areas had it not been for AT&T. Also, as we remember from when we were younger Southwestern Bell OR all the Bell's for that matter. Well AT&T has always and still is a great business class internet provider. They have service in most areas of Texas and also throughout the nation. Their products are typically U-verse but have recently been recognized as their small business internet packages. They now offer speeds up to 1000Mb for small businesses and run fiber all the way up to the building. This helps with reducing problems in the system from cabling. Fiber over coax doesn't always seem to have the best history in reliability due to the older coax infrastructure out there. AT&T always has played right past that by bringing fiber directly to the distribution closet where your network is (in most cases anyways). We have noticed that their services is not 100% reliable or anywhere near that number. We serve many different types of businesses all over the Dallas area and we get a mixture of situations. In some cases, where people have fiber over coax from another provider and experiencing issues, we have AT&T drop their internet connection in and it is solid forever and never has a problem. Then there are multi-tenant buildings around Dallas/Fort Worth that the service drops in and out constantly from them daily.

On average, most AT&T customers we deal with are pretty happy but we see at least 20% of our customers that experience regular issues with them. Our North Dallas office has experienced problems with their service on many occasions as well so we are in that same group of people faced with this issue. We had to install a backup internet router that uses 4G LTE to substitute for the momentary drop outs we experience from them. We are located in a high rise building that only has 2 Internet Service Providers (ISP) options available and local data centers are not an option in this particular building with it's property management company. The other option of internet provider is way worse so we chose a backup internet router as our solution. The second the internet drops out, our 4G service from T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon and AT&Tmobile all kick in to provide over 400Mb of backup internet for this situation when it occurs. These are realities all businesses face when located in an area where only certain small business internet providers are available. Luckily we know all the backup systems to keep things running smoothly without a glitch when stuck in these situations.

Overall ISP Review

AT&T has all our respect for being the biggest provider in this area and having the history of doing it as long as they have. They are a great option and we have recommended them and solved problems with their internet connections before. They just don't have our full faith in keeping that connection on at every single location 100% of the time. This is clearly a tough thing to do given the massive infrastructure this country has on it's backbone. We would say that if you are going the route of AT&T and can afford MPLS or dedicated internet access (DIA) then you will probably never have a problem.

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Business Internet Provider Overview

There are not any 100% perfect internet providers anywhere on the planet, although some new innovative companies out there are coming close. The reason we say that is smaller companies such as local data centers are able to pull internet from all 3 of the major carriers and then provide redundant lines and networks to you with circuits that are typically faster and sometimes even more cost effective. Especially if you take into the account of loss of sales due to internet loss. That's not even a possibility in our minds and therefore have repeatedly seen that smaller businesses providing ISP services from multiple carriers are usually the most reliable. You get a fiber ran from the data center to your closet and a thousand other people aren't on that line being supported by thousands of agents all over the world and not in your area.

You just can't beat working with local businesses. It improves the local economy and economy in general while also getting face to face customer service or someone down the street that speaks your dialect and language properly. When given the choice, we will always choose to work with local companies to get blazing fast broadband to your door. When that is not possible, we employ other technologies such as 4G LTE backup internet, line of sight internet or satellite internet. All of which work quite well, they just come with a larger price tag than broadband connections for large data usage. So use broadband when possible and a local data center if you can. Otherwise, Verizon is our choice for providers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
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