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There are three major carriers who dominate the industry for business internet connections. Verizon, AT&T and Time Warner / Spectrum are the most common internet providers, and they each offer advantages and disadvantages for business class internet. While these three internet carriers offer high internet speed and are names you are likely familiar with, there are other internet providers and options to consider when choosing internet for business.

AT&T Business Internet
At&T Business Internet Review
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As an IT support company, we have worked with every reliable internet provider and therefore, you can be reassured that we are experts in the best options for telecom and business class internet. There are endless possibilities for internet delivery at your office, so if a direct fiber company isn't available in your area, we also specialize in fixed wireless internet.

Local Internet Provider
Local Fiber Internet
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Spectrum Business Internet
Charter Business Internet/Spectrum Business Internet Review
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While major carriers Verizon, AT&T and Time Warner / Spectrum are widely available, newer options have emerged in the last decade which can offer greater flexibility. Some of these options range from DFW ISPs, such as broadband provided by data centers or even point to point / line of sight internet. Our team has had the chance to work with a variety of these internet options, so we are experts in helping you select the best business class internet with broadband speed.

Verizon Business Internet
Frontier Business Internet
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Did you know that a majority of our high rise buildings are transmitting internet between each other, sometimes miles apart? Line of site internet or even 4G LTE internet can be used, as well. We are familiar with the best internet carriers across the country, so we offer quotes for fixed wireless to your facility, no matter where your business is located.

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Over the last 100 years, AT&T has created an ironclad, tested network infrastructure we can depend on in DFW. In other areas, the network infrastructure and services must be assessed in order to certify that they can support our rapidly changing and growing technological advances. As experts in business broadband, high speed networks, and internet service providers in the Dallas area, we can recommend the companies which are well-equipped to meet your business' needs, moving you into the future.

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Reviews of Business Internet
Providers in 2020

Time Warner/Spectrum Review

Spectrum Internet Review

Spectrum Business Internet otherwise known as Charter Spectrum, has been delivering high-speed internet service since 2014, following a Charter Communications acquisition of Time Warner Cable, (around as early as 1995, operating under the moniker "Road Runner"). Spectrum is a fairly reliable, cost-effective and widely available option, but has some disadvantages, as well.

We can confirm that Spectrum has typically boasted high internet speeds, but can sometimes slow down  due to its transmission over coax cabling. Cable internet normally fluctuates up and down in speed, depending on how many people in your area are on a particular circuit, which can reduce your internet's performance. One issue you might encounter is that you experience high speeds during the day and then much slower speeds at night (or the reverse).

Because Spectrum is typically the most available and cost-effective option, many of us in the Dallas area have experienced this "slow down" due to periodic losses in internet speed. However, Spectrum offers a lot of of "bang for your buck" when it comes to speed vs. price and options.

From our experience, Spectrum's customer service is reliable, improving dramatically in the last 5 years or so. Most problems are met with a technician's assistance.

Overall ISP Review

Spectrum is a  modern ISP with blazing fast speeds. From our perspective, they have the best bundles and pricing structure in the industry. Service quality depends on the area you are located in and fluctuations in areas with high internet traffic. Overall, they are a good solution for small businesses looking to take their company online at a great price.

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EllumNet Internet Review

EllumNet Internet Review

The Dallas area internet provider EllumNet has proven themselves to be the most reliable, supportive and fastest internet connection in DFW, based on our personal experience.

Not long ago, we faced a major connectivity issue at one of our offices in the Deep Ellum area, near downtown Dallas. Every day around noon, our internet would go out, so we would call the ISP and they would report "no known issues in the area". We would troubleshoot it, only to find out that our service WAS interrupted. Our ISP would send a tech, he would find nothing and would leave each time. The AT&T hub was right across the street but didn't provide service in that part of downtown. This went on for years. We replaced our networks, cabling and equipment, but this pattern continued for a couple hours a day, greatly reducing productivity. When these problems began occurring for us personally at our homes each week, we decided to look for a new provider.

When we found out that local area data centers in our area were providing small business internet, we decided to give the guys at EllumNet a try. They surveyed our property the same day and began pulling fiber across the poles and down the street to our building, within a few more days. We signed up for their basic "slower" service, which took our bill down a bit, and took our speeds up to 100Mb upload and 100Mb download on a consistent basis!

Every day for the last 3 years, we have never had a single outage. Our speeds do not EVER fluctuate - we have a solid 100Mb all the time! I have ran speed test for hundreds of clients all over DFW for decades and have never seen a ping response to N.Y.C or L.A be under 8ms on all local internet providers. Our facility went next level once we got our lightning fast internet installed. We were able to start live streaming, hosting web servers and much more due to the 100% uptime we were experiencing with zero loss of speed. On the 10Mb service we had from T.W. we couldn't even download files at the same time or stream multiple video cameras we have across the city at offices.

Due to the expansion EllumNet has reached into over the last several years, they now provide service in over 90% of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. They did this by teaming up with over 50 other local data centers that saw a gap in the industry. These data centers saw the poor service and speeds being provided in this region even when it was a telecom hub. They chose to do something about it and provide speeds in excess of 1000Mb for pricing that the major carriers would run for the hills over. I have seen some of the pricing for the gigabit internet connections and they are extremely affordable for those types of speeds. We chose this style, type of service and carrier as our number 1 choice in Dallas for internet providers due to it's reliability and support model.

We are an authorized dealer for EllumNet . We can come out and look at your location today and see if it qualifies for their service.

Overall ISP Review

Even if you don't choose this particular provider, we highly recommend you go with this model of ISP service because it's more persona, speaking from experience. Try Ellum.Net - they are everywhere in DFW and can get your networks activated now!

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Verizon Business Internet Review

Verizon Business Internet Review

We also recommend Frontier business internet and their network services very highly. They have consistently maintained very fast internet speeds with a strong and reliable connection. They have fairly competitive pricing, but might be a little more on the expensive side, based on the options you require. We haven't experienced any problems with Frontiers customer service, but they can be slow to provide customer support, likely due to the large size of the company. Their service is not available in all of DFW, or in many other parts of the country because their fiber optic network has not be expanded everywhere.

Overall ISP Review

Overall, Frontier is a very good option for internet providers in Dallas and beyond, with the biggest obstacle being that Frontier is not everywhere, or even close to having the comprehensive networks that other retailers provide. In the DFW broadband network, you will be more likely to find AT&T or Spectrum/Time Warner available to your home and business, not Frontier. If you do have the option, and using local data centers as an ISP is not the path for you, then Frontier may be the ideal option for you.

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At&T Internet Review

At&T Internet Review

As the world's largest telecommunications company, headquartered in Dallas, TX, AT&T has always been a great business class internet provider, with a longstanding history of dependability and service. Their products are available in most areas of Texas and throughout the nation, offering speeds up to 1000Mb.

AT&T's U-verse internet is widely available, but now they also provide specialized small business internet packages. One advantage to choosing a large company like AT&T is their technical process, which is to run fiber all the way up to the building, helping with a reduction in cabling problems. Fiber over coax cable doesn't always have the best reliability (due to the older coax infrastructure) but AT&T combats these issues by bringing fiber directly to the distribution closet where your network is (in most cases anyways).

We have noticed that their services are not always reliable, but in cases where businesses have existing fiber over coax from another provider and are experiencing issues, AT&T can improve their connectivity. However, we are also aware of multi-tenant buildings around Dallas/Fort Worth in which the service drops in and out consistently, so your success with AT&T will likely depend on several factors.

Overall ISP Review

AT&T is respected for being the biggest provider in this area and having the history of doing it as long as they have. They are a great option and we have recommended them and worked with them many times. However, they do struggle keeping a connection going at every single location 100% of the time. This is clearly a tough thing to do given the massive infrastructure this country is dependent on. Iff you are going the route of AT&T and can afford MPLS or dedicated internet access (DIA) then you will probably never have a problem.

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Business WiFi

Business Internet Provider Overview

There is no such thing as a "perfect internet provider", although some new innovative companies are coming close to the mark. Smaller companies, such as local data centers, are able to pull internet from Time Warner Spectrum, AT&T and Verizon, and then provide redundant lines and networks to you with circuits that are typically faster and sometimes even more cost effective than their counterparts. If you take into the account of loss of sales due to internet loss, the cost of 4G LTE broadband services pay for themselves. Smaller businesses providing ISP services from multiple carriers are usually the most reliable, as well, because of the point to point connection with the data center. ou get a fiber ran from the data center to your closet and a thousand other people aren't on that line being supported by thousands of agents all over the world and not in your area.

When given the choice, we will always choose to work with local companies to get blazing fast broadband to your door. When that is not possible, we employ other technologies such as 4G LTE backup internet, line of sight internet or satellite internet, all of which work quite well (but come with a larger price tag than broadband connections for large data usage). Use broadband when possible and a local data center if you can. Otherwise, Verizon is our choice for providers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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