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Finding The Best Security System

The best security systems available will be made by manufacturers with long histories in doing business. Some of those companies will have smaller alarm system name brands but then the parent company behind them is an industry giant. Such as the case with DSC and Johnson Controls, or for instance 2GIG having GE in the background. Do some research before hand and you can find the parent companies if one exists. Buying an alarm from one of these larger brands typically means it's time tested technology and they have a good support wing.

Security System Integrations

Finding a security system that has good integrations with other devices such as Z-Wave never hurts. It allows you to pair the system with other things in your building such as thermostats, lights, shades, etc.. Make sure to get a system with Z-wave or Zigbee built into it for smart building capability.

Automated Utility Control Stops Damage To Your Property!

When a serious event arises, such as a burst water pipe within the business; the application will notify you and give the option to shut off the water to the building with a simple button press.

This is only if the water control regulator has been installed inline of the main water line into the building. This control module can be installed into a control system for less than $100 for the part, along with quick professional plumbing installation of the shut off module. These emergency shut off devices can also be installed for the main electrical to the building or individual water pipes to particular rooms if desired.

Sensors will monitor if there is a flood or pipe freeze and then the user can determine what to do with the shutoff devices. Outlets and lighting switches can be swapped out to WiFi devices that allow for mobile control.

No longer will a burst pipe or reset of a computer by unplugging it require a trip to the office in the middle of the night. If a light got left on at the office, no problem! Turn it off over dinner!

Integrated Alarm Systems Actually Work For You

Sensors That Protect

Sensors used to be limited to motion sensing and contact closure which is basically opening or closing of a door/window. Nowadays, sensors can protect and notify the same application being used for alarm and security camera viewing.

There are sensors that can now detect humidity to keep devices from damage due to large amounts of moisture in the air. This can be useful for server closets and rooms with sensitive materials.

There can also be shock sensors to detect movement or vibrations within something or around an object. Shock sensors can help detect if something in the room has been moved or tampered with. Some other amazing types of sensors are, light, UV, smoke, carbon monoxide, heat, flood, and even outdoor sensors to monitor gates and other external equipment.

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