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Technology and support positions

If you are an individual looking to work with one of the best IT services companies in Dallas then please apply here. We are always looking for IT support technicians, installation technicians and service technicians in Dallas Texas.

We are a dedicated team of highly motivated individuals that have a passion for technology and computer systems. We strive to stay at the top of the IT services and solutions industry for many clients all over DFW and the world. We pride ourselves on being one of the best tech companies to work with in Dallas.

We have a broad team of individuals who care for each other and their surroundings. We operate on a set of core values within our company and do not stray from them one bit. Those values revolve around being honest, loyal, hard-working, and highly creative. Each and every staff member we work with already possesses these qualities. Not one person is more important than the other and the team works together all the time and each moving part is as important as the next. We always listen to the concerns and ideas of our team because it is the center of our company.

We also have a set of core values that we expect from prospective clients, or we pass that particular project up if they do not meet certain personal values that we expect businesses and their owners to possess. We have always believed that it’s not worth doing business with people that are not worth doing business with.

A position at our company would mean that you would be surrounded by great clients and great team members at all times. This is the foundation from which we began and build the rest of everything we create from. If you have these qualities and seek to work with individuals that have the same, then input your application below and we will be calling you back soon!

Company Core Values

Be Accountable, Be Reliable; Because that's what you would want.

Possess Positive Perception; Who wants to fester in negativity

Creative and Open-Minded; So that the world may grow

Responsive and Engaging; Because it's FUN to interact

Maintains Integrity; Anything else would be shady

Self-Motivated and Goal Oriented; Sitting will get you nowhere

These are a set of guidelines we look for within anyone joining our team. We only surround ourselves with individuals that match our values. It's a way of life and something that can not be taught or even really changed. You just are or you are not inline with our values. That doesn't mean someone is a bad person if it's not a match, it just means they are not a fit within this organization. If you think you have what it takes, please start by filling out the form below.