What Is Zoho?

Zoho is a multi-application business platform that allows companies to choose the software they need on a micro level and be able to expand into everything they might possibly need in the future. For instance a Company could start out using Zoho books which is their form of QuickBooks accounting software. Then as the company grows, they could start using more advanced systems that are typically reserved for enterprise-level companies. When adding these additional applications in to their processes, they will naturally integrate together because they are all on the same platform.

The Zoho Experience. Best Business Applications

Complete Business Software Suite

Companies that are searching for an amazing accounting software, CRM, project management system or marketing tools can now find all of these features in one single place. It is very difficult to find such an array of options in a single small business software provider. This amazing company has really captured the needs of the average business and remarkably presented it in a very up to date look and feel.

Let Zoho CRM Convert Leads To Paying Clients

If your business is looking to boost sales by using a CRM software, then we would suggest Zoho CRM. There are many different small business CRM software programs on the market, but Zoho has them all beat. The first reason is that they offer a free CRM account for life. Testing the software out or using it forever at no cost is an option for any prospective users. Secondly, this CRM software has the most up to date look and feel we have seen on the market. This software integrates to just about any major business application out there. We highly recommend this CRM platform for your sales generating tool. We will explain some of the amazing benefits below

Zoho Project

Zoho Has The Best Project Management Software For Your Business

When working on large projects such as construction or a large upgrade project, it is near impossible to have all the working parts and people moving the ways they need to, without having a centralized method. There must also be a great way to communicate the instructions on a moment by moment basis. This is where Zoho project can help and change your workflows.

This project management software will allow for many API integrations to other business software applications. Most current known large-scale office platforms already speak to this software. We highly commend Zoho and their team of experts on the job they have done with integrations into this project management software.

Once inside Zoho Project, the user will be able to map out their entire project from start to finish along with timelines and dates applied to each task. All will be done in a very up-to-date look and feel along with mobile apps that work on all devices. Keeping up with your project will be as easy as riding a bike. It may take a brief second for our Zoho consultant team to set up and train you on your software, but once that process has ended, you will be a project management guru.

CHAT WITH Website Visitors In Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho sales iQ software is one of the most innovative programs we have used of theirs to date. This incredible tool allows for people to track and engage the visitors on their website much more than they currently are today.This tool will place a chat bar in the bottom right corner of your web page. This chat bar can be automated to engage the customer with a conversation, special, or discount by spending a certain amount of time on the website or scoring a particular score by the activities they are performing. This becomes one of the most powerful website engagement tools one could possibly have on their web pages.

Customer Website Tracking

Once the HTML code for Zoho sales IQ has been uploaded to your website pages, you will be able to start engaging with your visitors. There are several ways this can be done. One method is to have a message appear after 60 seconds on your website. This could give a direct message from a sales agent within your company to the visitor offering them some type of call to action request. We have noticed that this gets peoples attention and drives the conversation to your team win otherwise the visitor might have just left the site.

For those people who were missed and not contacted while surfing your web page, they will still be tracked. Zoho sales IQ will provide a report or list of who has been on your site, the IP address that they are using, the country of origin and possibly even an email address to contact them at.

We have a full team of Zoho website Builder admins that can integrate this amazing tool into your website today! Contact our Zoho consultant representatives now and don’t wait another minute to start capturing leads.

Zoho Campaigns Stays In Contact With Your Leads So You Can Keep Working

One of the most valuable tools in any companies arsenal is their leads to sales. What good are leads with no great strategy or path to converting that lead into a sale? Zoho Campaign is a drip campaign software that is automated and will carry the burden of this task for you day and night. See why we chose the whole campaign as our favorite drip campaign application on the market.

Zoho Campaign has many great features to offer and integrations to map with existing applications used within your company. Some of these features are very powerful and can drive sales or at least interest your way. It has an amazing ability to track the usage of your emails going towards the leads to be contacted. It can let you know if a leader has opened the email, clicked on the email, sent the email to junk mail or not opened the email at all. It can gauge and compare the activity from a particular email against another email that you have already sent out. This lets you know which emails are effective or not in a campaign.

The whole campaign will take away the monotonous everyday task of contacting leads or current customers and keeping them up-to-date. It can also contact customers on their birthday to send them a coupon or just to say hi. Either way, this consistent form of communication has a profound impact on sales. In the past there was a car salesman that was shown to be the best salesman in recorded history. He sold tens of thousands of cars and did it by one simple method, staying in touch with his customers. He constantly sent them letters to let them know he appreciated them and wanted to see them again. People enjoy being contacted on a personal level so use that power to drive conversation and sales your way today. If you are looking for a Zoho expert, then you have come to the right place. We can help any company convert to all or one Zoho software at a time.

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