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Nextiva provides High Quality voIP phone service, a wide range of PBX features and Devices
and one of the most reliable systems in the industry. Nextiva is your best choice for voice over IP phones.



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Cloud PBX
Free Number Porting
Advanced Call Management
Unlimited Calling
Free Local Number
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1 Professional Recorded Greeting
Call Me Now
Conference Bridge
Nextiva Mobile App
Team Presence
Text Messaging



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3 Professional Recorded Greetings
Call Recording
Nextiva Anywhere
Unlimited Calling
Free Local Number
Free Toll Free Number
VOIP Phones Service

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Other amazing features that Nextiva can offer are platforms such as their Next OS platform. This allows for call automation and integration into existing business systems such as CRM or other tracking programs. Their highly intuitive platform allows companies to integrate many different applications or functionality they did not previously have into their call flows in communication.


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UCaaS or unified communications as a service is one of the latest technologies in the telecom industry. It allows for people to use instant message, email, phone calls, text messaging, audio conference and video conference in a single application. This makes for highly effective communication because it allows the other party to choose their favorite method of doing so. If someone does not answer their phone then a quick instant message sometimes proves to be a faster result.

Other situations might include, presence or the follow-me feature. Presence would allow an employee to select here or away from their desk on the UCaaS application. If they are away from their desk, calls will be forwarded to their cell phone if desired. Any voicemails left at their desk would be converted to text messages or instant message to be forwarded along to the cell phone. Now it becomes a lot harder for employees to say they didn’t receive a message because the message will follow them around everywhere they go.

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In our years of experience, Nextiva products have been the most straightforward. They have always had an amazing support team to assist in the set up process. No matter if you are installing a business phone system or fax line, they are always there to help. Reaching them in the middle of the night or day is never a problem as well. They always pick up in a couple rings and are eager to assist with your issues. That outstanding customer service, we place high on our list of hosted PBX requirements.

We are your local nextiva dealer and installer!

If you are looking for a  phone system then look no further. We are there premierdealer for the Dallas / Fort Worth metropolitan area. We have been serving DFW for decades and are the absolute experts in business phone system installation and support. Don’t spend years making a decision on a superior phone system, chose  today and get your business communications flowing the way they should be. One of their unique selling points is unified communications as a service. This can be delivered to you by a desktop or phone application.

Our team of professional installers can help set up your Nextiva fax or Nextiva phones on your next deployment. Their online fax services are very robust and reliable. They can save dozens or hundreds of dollars per month if your company is using lots of lines and needs to convert to a new fax line provider for cost savings. We have provided Nextiva reviews and other technology forums online to express our love for their products. Switching to their services cannot only enhance your businesses capabilities but it can also reduce your bottom line in most cases.


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