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What is UCaaS and how would my
company Benefit by using it?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is one of the latest forms of business communication. Mainly because it centralizes all the different forms of communication within a company into a single application. Users would be able to call, SMS text, instant message, email and video conference right from their mobile device or desktop. Centralizing all of these formats into one single location reduces the possibility of someone utilizing one of them or missing a message from not opening it. If they only have one inbox to constantly check then the chances that the message will be received is much higher.

There are many companies in existence that are paying for a desktop phone on each employees desk, yet they have no common form of collaborative communication. Some of the methods might be video conferencing, a group chat in instant message or audio conferencing for instance. Those companies sometimes complain about not being able to afford those additional services because of cost. If they were using unified communications, all of those services would already be included for the same cost as an analog business phone line.

Is it easy to convert to VoIP?

Converting your office phone to virtual PBX is a very simple process. You can keep your existing phone numbers by porting them over to the new hosted PBX system by working with a VoIP provider (such as Dallas Cloud Services). There is a form you can fill out that is considered to be in short, an LOA form. This form initiates the phone line transfer between the carriers. A temporary phone number will be assigned to the new VoIP phones and the old phone numbers will be forwarded to the new temporary numbers until the transfer occurs. Once the transfer occurs, the phones naturally start receiving calls from the old phone number directly. Once all numbers are transferred, the temporary lines will be disposed of. That concludes the process for how you convert to voice over IP phone systems.


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UCaaS is Easy
UCaaS Mobile App

UCaaS Mobile Apps Make it Easy!

Once the conversion process is completed and the company is now on a new phone system, each user can install a desktop or mobile application that will allow for all the other forms of communication to occur as mentioned above. Once the application has been installed, users can now start using presence which is a feature that allows people to know if they are away from their cell phone or company desk phone at any time. They can check in a meeting for their presence and it will allow for texting and instant messaging but not phone calls. If someone can’t get to their own devices, then they can log in to a company portal page on any device in the world. This will give them the same messaging capability that they had while on all other company devices. This makes sure that all forms of communication from the company can be retrieved by any mobile agent or internal agent without delay or complication. There are a few reasons someone can’t make it to all of these forms of communication with all the types of devices available on this planet. A wonderful tool for companies that want to always get in touch with their people.

Video Conferencing For Everyone

On-Line video conferencing is typically something that a company will buy only a couple licenses for the company; which most employees are fighting over or overbooking on top of each other. Having unified communications ensures each and every user has their own phone number, SMS number, audio conferencing line and video conferencing session. Once again, having all these features usually cost the same as a typical phone line from other carriers. It is a method of rolling all forms of communication into one simple bill.

UCaaS Video Conferencing

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