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Satellite Internet for Business

Deliver unmatched broadband speeds anywhere on the planet

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WiFi Service For Business

Keep your business secure while giving access to guess WiFi at all times

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4G For

4G LTE speed can keep your business online when others aren't

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What is Fixed Wireless Internet?
It's Internet Anywhere.. Yes, Anywhere!

get wifi CONNECTED anywhere & keep working

Take the Office with you Mobile Broadband

finding rural internet for a business can be difficult and costly. our goal is to find you the best rural internet provider for your area at the best price.
  • Work remotely and access office files from anywhere

  • Great for service vehicles, first responders and more

  • Amazing Speeds from 10Mbps to 1 Gbps.

  • Also acts as backup internet for storms, when main line is down

  • Get internet to remote job sites or gas stations


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Fixed Wireless Internet
Fixed wireless internet (Point to Point), can meet heavy demands across multiple buildings or get internet to places where trenching is not an option. Even deliver internet to remote locations.

Our point to point technology can solve your rural internet problems!
  • 25+ Mile Range

  • 99.99% Uptime & Reliable

  • Connect Multiple Sites

  • Low Cost & Easy to Deploy

  • Used by Corporations & First Responders


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