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Entertainment systems typically use large amounts of audio & video equipment. When building a new site for entertainment, project planners usually consider installing structured cablingearly on in the planning phase. Then once the building is standing, the cabling is installed and then our TV mounting service technicians put up all the display mounts. Once display mounting is complete, speakers are cut into the ceilings throughout the building for distributed audio. Once the audio and video equipment is mounted, typically the rack equipment would be installed next.

Finally, a team of programmers will design a custom program for the automation system that controls all the audio/video equipment. Then a touch panel is installed on the wall for staff members of the facility to operate the equipment on a daily basis. Those control system touch panels can operate the entire building with a single button press. A button can be created to open the building or close the building. This button would turn on all the lighting, fans, unlock all the doors, raise the blinds over the windows, turn on all the audio video system or more. This is just the beginning of what is possible in automation and control systems.


Audio Visual Consultation

Today’s technology systems are larger and more complex inside any type of any entertainment system being built. Even concert venues, nightclubs, restaurants or hotels can have a high amount of equipment installed by a professional A/V company. This has become commonplace in most industries actually. Reason being; people want to see multimedia! Businesses want to advertise on that display space.

Lastly, what customer doesn’t want an amazing experience when they walk through the door? Professional A/V can present that look which is required stepping into the next decade.

Some of our technology services we can provide your project

  • Cable Installation - DMX, HDMI, S-Video, Composite, Optical and more
  • Speaker Installation
  • TV Installation
  • network installation
  • video projector installation
  • Security camera installation
  • alarm system installation
  • automation and control system installation
  • business phone system installation AND MORE

Our company can provide deployments or installations across the country. We are a national company with technicians all over the United States. We can handle any project of any size. Those projects can be located anywhere on the globe. We can follow your projects around the country as they move!

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