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Our team of technicians are highly experienced at server rack wiring and network rack installations. Our techs love getting their hands dirty when it comes to rack wiring and rack elevations. Our audio/video or network rack installs have very precise cabling and can be understood by even the most novice users.

Cabling can get out of control very quickly in a server closet. If you have already experienced this first hand, then you should let our technicians dive in and clean up what has been left behind. We love even the most challenging cluster equipment rack situations and can turn just about any situation around. Terrible wiring is something many businesses have dealt with. Most companies out there will not take on the burden of other peoples work and require for all equipment to be replaced. This is typically because they do not understand the equipment and have to install their own gear so it can be understood.

Our team on the other hand understands most equipment and manufactures in the world. It is very rare for us to come across equipment we have not worked with in the past. This applies to almost any low-voltage electronic that can be found in a business. So if there is something you don’t understand that you have in your system, we can help identify it and help document or train on it.

Our network technicians can lace in cabling so it can be followed throughout a server room. We have security camera technicians that can wire cameras or DVR's. They can also simply clean up the work that is existing if needed. We have telecom technicians that can wire phone systems and clean up business phone system wiring.

Racks can be custom built in our warehouse to be shipped directly to a site. We have experience in rack deployments. When a large amount of racks need to be built, our team can build them all in Dallas, Texas or we can send a team to your job site around the country. We can build racks for retail locations, entertainment venues, offices and cinemas.

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